Design Thinking training

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„I help people listen to their customers and create new things. Design thinking is a great cookbook for innovation projects.“

The way how architects and designers approach a problem can be used effectively to solve a business problem. This was first described at Stanford University. Many years later, Design thinking is a global standard methodology how to run innovation projects. Both for startups and large companies.

This is how I talk about Design thinking on my training:

My Design thinking trainings for companies

The best way to learn things is do them, try them, experience them. That is why all my corporate Design thinking trainings are practical and hands-on. In one or two days, the participants will experience the work of innovators on real-life projects – from actual customer interviews, creative exercises to testing a prototype made in the training with customers.

How the trainings work?

  • It is usually a 1- or 2-day workshop. There are 10 to 15 participants. I train in English or Czech language.
  • The content is tailor-made for the audience. I train groups from interns all the way to global management.
  • The participants will understand the basic and then work on a practical case from their company’s environment.
  • The practical case can be innovating an internal process or a customer-facing physical or digital product, service or experience.
  • Very often, the workshop pays itself by the innovation projects created by the participants.
  • The participants can continue working on their projects after the training. I can help with that as a coach or facilitator.

Why me as a trainer?

  • I spend 3 years as a CEO of an investor-backed startup. We did a lot of design thinking projects there.
  • I have been working 10 years as a management consultant. I know the environment and needs of large corporations.
  • I did design thinking workshops/trainings for international companies, shared service centres. (See my list of clients) I did it for teams from product development, HR, consulting, finance, procurement, IT and others.
  • Because I believe that the only way how to improve is to experience and try things. This is how I create and lead my trainings.
  • I train both in English and Czech.
  • I am based in Prague, but I train globally (so far mostly Czech Republic, Germany, UK, Slovakia, Hong Kong).

What do the clients say?

Are you considering a Design thinking training?

  • Let’s connect. I will help you with planning and amazing, memorable and effective Design thinking training experience.
  • I can walk you trough the process, the training curriculum and help you understand how I work and what value are you getting.

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