Lean Six Sigma training

This training is available online! Contact me if interested.

Lean Six Sigma training is here for you to understand the Toyota way of thinking and way of working for innovation projects. It is a „cookbook“ that is used make things better, easier and faster by big and small companies around the world.

My Lean Six Sigma company trainings

As a Lean Six Sigma Certified Black belt I deliver trainings for in-company groups in cooperation with PwC:

  • 2-day training including Yellow Belt certification
  • 6-day training including Green Belt certification
  • 10-day training including Black belt certification
  • Shorter intro training without certification
  • Leading improvement and innovation workshop
  • Consulting of Green Belt and Black Belt projects
  • Lectures and inspirational talks for larger groups

All trainings can be online or face to face, English or Czech

Open trainings for individuals

You or your teammates can join open trainings that I lead under the PwC brand.

This is how I train:

What do my students say?

Why me?

  • In past 10 years I led Lean projects and activities that brought milions of EUR in benefits to my clients thangs to higher revenue, lower costs or higher flexibility.
  • Black belt certified, trained more than 1 000 people in Lean Six Sigma.
  • My trainings are simple and very practical. They are suited from people from services, admin, supply chain or manufacturing environment. The participants can immediately start improving so that the course pays for itself very quickly.

Considering a company training?

  • Let’s connect! We can go over the curriculum and the slides so that you have better understanding of what you can get.
  • I can help you plan a great and effective Lean Six Sigma that your teammates will remember and that pays for itself quick thanks to the innovations led by the participants.


+420 777 253 754