I help people innovate and grow in a digital age

I am an innovator and trainer of innovation and digital skills.
I train Lean, Design thinking, innovation skills and Excel in companies
(Overview of my courses)
I also help global companies as an external team member on innovation projects

The results of my work are:

✅ Teams that can work smart
✅ Innovation projects that get results
✅ People who enjoy coming to work

People leave my training sessions with a desire to make a difference and a practical guide on how to do it. And then they actually do change things. Their employers love the results. And so do I.

What I believe

I believe in a world where people will look forward to work, create great things and experience joy and fulfillment.
That’s why I help people innovate and grow in the digital age.
Integrity, accountability and justice are important to me.

Who I am

I love my wife Eva and my two daughters Anna and Tonya
I hike mountains, climb rocks, read books.
I am a professional early adopter. I love tech, smart notes, lifehacking.

These are my clients

Have a look how I teach:

These are video samples from my Youtube channel. I publish videos that cover some of the key parts of my innovation skills and digital training.

What clients say about my work:

Let’s connect!

Do you want to talk about something? Let’s grab a coffee in Prague or have a call.

777 253 754

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