Some time ago, I was feeling down every day. Not everything at work went well. You have probably been there too. I felt anxious all the time. Not a happy time. Until one day…

Life feels easier written down

One day, I tried one thing that changed it a lot. I sat down, closed all the browser tabs, e-mails, turned off the phone and I simply started writing. I carefully described the work related problem I felt the anxiety about. It felt so great and relieving. But the key point was that when I read what I wrote, the problem did not seem so crushing, impossible and devastating like in my thoughts. I learned that when I write things down, it helps me understand that the problem is not so bad and there is a way how to tackle it.

Try writing a todo list like a story

Because of that, I started looking for other areas where writing can help me and I found it.  I am always overwhelmed with todo lists with hundreds of items. I even have lists of todo lists. Every morning, it is hard to find out where to start, what is important to do. So sometimes I write what I want to do the next day, but not as a bullet list, but as a story in plain text. It works great! I wake up easily and I’m productive, because I already visualized my day the night before. I recommend trying it.

Write down the good things

Finally, I discovered one more thing. I felt more organized and in control, but after many busy days, I was not even sure why I am doing all this. So I started writing down three things that made me happy each day. It feels great as well.

Writing down just makes my life better. It relieves stress and anxiety. It gives me back control when I am overwhelmed. It helps me remember what makes my days great. If you haven’t tried, do it today.





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