The summer is coming! Now is the time to take the real vacation. Do it before it is too late.

I recently wrote an article called Offline is the new luxury: Three ways how to claim yours. It was the most successful article on my blog so far. I really like that you guys like it.

I will not get the luxury of being offline this summer. I work at, we are changing the way how Czech people travel within their country. So right now, it is the peak time of our business. Daily bookings are increasing 5 times compared to spring. I am leaving for couple of days now, but I will have to be constantly online.  I am far from my dream of running this company without a laptop 😉

Our team is working hard to make your summer great. I have just one wish. Spend some time offline. Ditch the damm’ smartphone. Do it for me 😉

If you can’t go for vacation now, just read this, hopefully it will make you smile.

Enjoy the summer!

(Btw I’ll keep posting every Tuesday even during the summer, so come back for more 😉





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