Talking about entrepreneurship and English

My friend Richard Hill is an English teacher, entrepreneur and innovator in his field. He invited me to join his podcast as a guest. We talked about entrepreneurship, my story and how english played role in my carer. For example, I really believed I had no chance in producing training content in English. Eventually, I […]

Madmonq Review: A gamers‘ brain booster

As a freelance consultant and entrepreneur, I often spend long hours preparing presentations or proposals. Keeping good energy level is always a challenge for me. I keep trying different setups that include mostly coffee and tea. I do like experimenting with my productivity and I stumbled upon Madmonq, a food supplement for pro gamers. This […]

I do believe in secrets

You have probably heard about this quote. It originated around year 1900: Everything that can be invented has been invented. Some sources say it was Charles Holland Duel, U.S. Patent Comissioner, proposing to close the patent office as there is nothing more to claim for. It is not sure that this was actually said. Still, it […]

Pokemon Go will not change the world. This is why.

I went out to a park yesterday to try out Pokemon Go. It is the biggest global hit of computer gaming of last few days. At first I thought that this game changed everything. Does it really? We caught few Pokemons using augmented reality. It felt so real, like the Pokemons were really there, hiding in parks, […]