What I do

I do company trainings on Design thinking, Lean Six Sigma, Digital skills, Excel

  • In English or Czech
  • I am based in Prague, but I train worldwide
  • Most of my clients are Shared service centers and large international companies

What people say about me

Who I am

What I believe

I believe in a world where everyone will look forward go to work every day. Make great things together there and experience joy and fulfilment. This is why I help people work smarter.

Integrity, Accountability and Justice ar my core values.

What I read

See a list of business books that I recommend on innovation, design thinking, entrepreneurship and Lean

Let’s stay in touch

Do you want to talk about something? Lets grab a coffee in Prague or have a call.

777 253 754

My blog articles in English

Here on my blog: https://www.jiribenedikt.com/category/ideas/

On Medium.com: https://medium.com/@jiribenedikt

Some of my clients

Cover photo by Igor Sovicek