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Miro Board for the training (2023-11)

Folder with the slide deck

Next steps

1. Let’s stay in touch

If you are interested in innovation skills and digital skills, you can

2. Check out the books I recommend

Peak-End Rule of an Experience is mentioned in Power of Moments from the Heath Brothers (great book) and also in Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahnenman

3. My short video on design thinking

4. Design thinking Resources

5. Digital tools

  • Miro.com – online whiteboard, multipurpose. Freemium.
  • Figma – more advanced digital design tool. Freemium.
  • Marvel App – prototyping app, that can take picture of hand-drawn wireframes and make them interactive
  • ChatGPT – your brainstorming companion

7. Interesting videos

Paper-based Lo-fidelity prototyping in practice

A series of videos about design thinking in daily life:

Extreme Listening with Deyah Khan (the director from Iran that shot documentaries with far-right an Jihadis): „Most Jihadis are driven by love.“

Prototyping at Google: