I attended the TEDxPrague conference few days ago. I had a chance to hear talks of amazing and successful people who are living their dream. There’s one thing that fascinates me. All of them mentioned same three simple habits that help them be successful:

1. They do what they want to do.

„Do what you want to do and let the others help you,“ said Barbara Sher, amazing charismatic 80 years old lady who invented life coaching. Jaroslav Beck wanted to work for Holywood, same for Emka Klučovská, a 15 year old prodigy. It seemed impossible at first, but it happened. „Live your Dream, not someone else’s“, said Jaroslav. So what would you do if money were no object? All of them started by setting an impossible goal, something that they really wanted. And it worked.

2. They actually do something. Every day.

„There are dreamers who dream and dreamers who do“, said Renata Chlumska, adventurer and first Czech and Swedish woman on Everest. All TEDxPrague speakers told the same story. They work hard on achieving their goals every day. Being productive actually means producing something. They take an easy step every day and eventually, things happen. Michael Carvan was contacted by a Spanish entrepreneur asking if he could help him produce drinkable water out of pig crap. Jaroslav Beck was „suddenly“ contacted by a world’s top Hollywood movie producer. Emka Klučovská was contacted by a top Hollywood visual effects studio. You can think that this is pure luck, but it is not. They did not wait on their couch for a call, just dreaming. They took action.

3. They say yes.

„I was asked to do an interview in English.“, said Emka during her TEDx talk, „But I did not speak English. I said yes anyway“. Then she worked really hard to learn English and finally, she made it. Michal Carvan said yes to the question if he can make drinking water out of Pig crap, even though nobody succeeded with this before. These people are not afraid of challenges. They say yes and then figure out, how to do it.

What is your dream?

How hard are these habits? Not really. 5 years ago, when I was a first year consulting associate at PwC, I set myself a goal: In 5 years, I want to be freelance management consultant, work with startups, train and lecture at a university. It seemed crazy and impossible at that time, I was just fresh out of school. But it did happen and I love my life 🙂

Renata Chlumská said that her current dream is to climb the tallest mountain on the moon. This sounds really crazy, but it made me think: Didn’t other great ideas sound supercrazy on the beginning? Like flying to space, snowboarding down Mt Everest or jumping down from stratosphere? They probably did. The sky is the limit. What is your dream?

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