As a freelance consultant and entrepreneur, I often spend long hours preparing presentations or proposals. Keeping good energy level is always a challenge for me. I keep trying different setups that include mostly coffee and tea. I do like experimenting with my productivity and I stumbled upon Madmonq, a food supplement for pro gamers. This is a review of Madmonq after few months of usage.

As I said, I often spend hours clicking and moving things on the screen, preparing presentation is actually quite similar to gaming. So my hypothesis was that Madmonq can be equally useful not just for gamers, but also for office rats looking for speed and productivity.

What Madmonq promises

Madmonq promises at 3 hours of pure energy that can be compared to two cans of Red Bull. Also, long-term use should increase your reaction speed, eyesight and generally boost your brain. What is also promising is that it does not contain sugars. I read some studies that say that sugar accounts for most of the impact of the energy drinks. Sugar is not healthy and will cause you a “sugar crash” an energy level drop few hours after the spike. Also, Madmonq promises no jitters. This is very unpleasant after drinking more than two or three cups of coffee. Not only it might be disturbing for gamers, but I believe that coffee stops working after some will help you feel awake and alert, but your productivity will go down.


I have to say that Madmonq did deliver what it promised: Constant level of energy for 3+ hours (it was up to 6 for me), bringing actually boost and productivity, not just the fake effect of feeling awake that coffee brings. I was surprised how strong it is, I was actually very, very boosted. They say that you can take up to 2 pills a day, I was fine with one for the whole day, only occasionally taking two.

What Madmonq cannot do is help you get out of actual tiredness. If I was tired, the effect was not so strong. Anyway, expecting pills to help with that is silly. Sleep is the king to beat tiredness. So my experience says that Madmonq works the best when well rested. Then it squeezes maximum from your brain power. I did not experience any “crush” or adverse effects later in the day.

Some people told me that the effect was not so strong for them, so I understand that the power may vary person to person.

The price is 22,95 EUR per box, that is roughly or 0,8 EUR per pill. That is rather high when comparing to other pills, but cheap compared to Red Bull.


It does work great! I can totally recommend it not just for gamers, but for virtually anyone working with computer looking for speed. Delivers what it promises, no disadvantages, all-natural ingredients.


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