Odstrašující příklady motivačních dopisů do startupu

V tomto článku Vám dám své tipy, jak se vyhnout chybám a napsat dopis, který potenciálního zaměstnavatele skutečně motivuje. V eHotel.cz momentálně nabíráme na několik pozic, a to většinou studenty. Procházím tak mnoho motivačních dopisů a životopisů. Životopisy jsou veskrze dobré, ale přiložené dopisy bych v 90% případů nazval spíše demotivačními. Pokud nebudete chtít lidi […]

Jak mě Mark Zuckerberg dovedl k tomu, že jsem začal psát svůj Blog česky

Minulý týden v úterý mi volal Mark, aby mi pogratuloval ke svatbě. Při té příležitosti mi navrhnul, jestli nechci psát blog česky. Ano, je to neuvěřitelné a taky se to skutečně nestalo. Ale Mark Zuckerberg, respektive příběh vzniku Facebooku mě přesvědčil, že bych měl začít psát opět česky. A dnes vám ten příběh řeknu. Kdo chce […]

I do believe in secrets

You have probably heard about this quote. It originated around year 1900: Everything that can be invented has been invented. Some sources say it was Charles Holland Duel, U.S. Patent Comissioner, proposing to close the patent office as there is nothing more to claim for. It is not sure that this was actually said. Still, it […]

Pokemon Go will not change the world. This is why.

I went out to a park yesterday to try out Pokemon Go. It is the biggest global hit of computer gaming of last few days. At first I thought that this game changed everything. Does it really? We caught few Pokemons using augmented reality. It felt so real, like the Pokemons were really there, hiding in parks, […]

It spreads like Ebola

I hated it. I believed that instant messaging at work is just for nerds that dislike face-to-face contact. We started using Slack last week. The result surprised me. This is a list of my findings, some exciting, some terrifying: #1 Slack makes us productive Slack is the new rising star of business apps, helping teams work […]

Never do this at work:

The more I work with I team, the more we come to this challenge. The hardest thing for every startup team is to find what not to do. Few ears ago, I worked as an consulting intern at KPMG. I really loved my job for the great feeling of accomplishment. The tasks usually looked like this: I […]

The power of Exponential: Your math teacher never told you about this

Last fall on a cloudy Saturday, I attended a talk that changed how I see certain things. Why nobody showed me this thing before? Every Tuesday, I post  a new story for this blog. If you read it regularly, you know that I am obsessed in finding how to make things work better and faster. On that […]

6 things I was horribly wrong about when I started an online business.

When I joined the eHotel.cz team more than 2 years ago, I thought it would be a piece of cake. Huge market. Product almost ready. We’re smart guys. That sounds like imminent success, doesn’t it? In reality, things work differently. I was horribly wrong. #1: Lets get a tiny part of this huge market. It […]

The Offline CEO: Can you run a startup without a computer?

No, this is not a joke. I do believe that a CEO can run a company without using a computer. I am not talking about printing e-mails, but spending more time offline with people and pen&paper. What if working offline helps you be more effective? I haven’t ditch my computer. I still keep using my computer for most […]